67th Club Meeting

67th meeting of Capital Toastmasters Club will be held on Tuesday the 8th July 2019, 6.45pm onwards, on 33rd Floor, @ Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC),
Sheikh Rashid Tower,

TMOD: Rachit Kumar

Theme: Go Green



Theme: What do you dream of ? Meeting #64 of Capital Toastmasters Club

Do you want to be enlightened what is Toastmasters?

Good morning leaders!

You are most welcome to attend our 64th meeting of Capital Toastmasters Club! The meeting will be hosted by our Toastmasters of the day (TMOD) , Brian Pascal.

Ticket is free. Parking is free for Toastmasters and guests and we are located in 33rd floor World trade club of Sheikh Rashid Tower near Dubai World Trade Metro. Come with a smart look or formal attire. 🙂

Can’t wait to see you.

Please contact us for details.


Toastmasters Nimsi 050 1400 948
Toastmaster Yogesh 0526018086